Cycle Life (M) Sdn Bhd
37, Dataran Mestika,
Jalan Mawar 15,
56100 Kuala Lumpur,
+6012-471 0005
+603-4292 1000

About Dumonde

  Dumonde Tech has been producing motorsports racing oils since the early 1990's. The company practices "think outside of the box" in their development of new lubricants and oils. 

Dumonde Tech Pro X line of bicycle lubricants were developed using the newly applied MRCC (Micro Resistant Complex Compounds) technology. Originally developed for Dumonde Tech's motorsports oils, MRCC technology creates a lighter viscocity while maintaining high protection, reducing friction and increase in adhesion creating much higher film strength then common, traditional technology. 

Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces. Our formulation is a "liquid plastic" through polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces. It does not cause built up, does not become sticky or gooey.

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