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Pro X Grease

Dumonde Tech’s PRO X Liquid Grease is a very high performing replacement for traditional viscosity grease. PRO X Liquid Grease using MRCC that greatly reduces the co-efficient of friction. PRO X Liquid Grease bonds and polymerizes to the surfaces which provides extremely low drag, high sheer strength and protection. PRO X Liquid Grease will migrate to heat to provide lubrication at critical areas.

PRO X Liquid Grease is highly recommended for steel and ceramic cartridge bearing. Waterproof, which protects bearings from corrosion. Hybrid (ceramic balls, steel races) bearings are prone to corrosion and wear without a lubricant. PRO X Liquid Grease is the perfect solution. PRO X Liquid Grease essentially eliminates drag that grease packed steel bearings experience. You will have a drag free bearing, especially in freezing temperatures.

Great for suspension fork legs, full suspension pivots, wheel bearings, roller bearing and jockey wheels. Can be used as a chain lube for very extreme muddy conditions of mountain bike and cyclocross riding or racing.

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PRO X Freehub Grease is specifically designed for all freehubs that require a very light weight grease. More complex non-pawl freehubs (DT Swiss, Chris King etc…) recommend a grease to stay in the mechanisms moving parts. Oils generally are too thin and will move away from moving parts leaving them exposed to wear and malfunction due to lack of lubrication.

PRO X Freehub Grease performs in a broad temperature range from the summer’s heat to the extreme cold temperatures. The grease works exceptional well in hubs that share lubrication between the freehub and wheel bearings.

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MRCC is the ultimate in protection & performance for cup and cone bearings, head set bearings, suspension forks & shocks. The new and improved PRO X formula is lighter viscosity while maintaining higher protection then other greases. PRO X MR Grease has less than 3% VOC’s.

PRO X MR Grease uses polymerization to create a barrier of grease at the contact points which reduces wear, provides corrosion protection and is waterproof. Designed to have the correct tact for bearing to roll and not skip that creates a flat spot. Dumonde Tech’s PRO X Liquid Grease can be used to thin the viscosity of PRO X MR Grease.

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Dumonde Tech Pro X Freehub Grease

Dumonde Tech Pro X MR Grease

Dumonde Tech Pro X Liquid Grease


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