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Disc Brake Pads

Disc RS compund delivers powerful braking and precisely balances the performance characteristics important to racers and everyday riders alike:

  • smooth feel in the brake lever
  • predictable and progressive brake power
  • very high durability
  • consistently quiet operation

Disc RS offers a highly balanced combination of brake performance, durability and incredibly low noise in all conditions. This finely tuned compound provides an ideal riding experience which is not found in other disc brake pads.

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EXOTherm compound combines an extremely durable, smooth modulating pad compound with a cooling fin equipped back plate which provides consistent, powerful braking in all conditions. Maximum pad life. Minimum brake fade.

  • pad wear rate is much lower than competitors
  • smooth, consistent brake performance
  • lightweight at 22 grams per pair (Disc 28 EXOTherm)
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High performance Kevlar, Ceramic, Brass and resin composite material. Provides excellent brake power with minimal effort at the brake lever. Performance is consistent in both wet and dry conditions and pad life is excellent. High quality springs included with every set (where applicable).

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Disc E compound's characteristics:

  • long lasting, high endurance pad compound
  • very easy modulation of braking force
  • high temperature stability for consistent brake power
  • organic formula is low noise and rotor friendly
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Sintered compound's characteristics:

  • improved braking power in dry and wet conditions
  • very low pad wear rates
  • high heat resistance
  • excellent for gravity riders
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Disc 30 Organic Brake Pad

Disc 28 Organic Brake Pad

Disc 26 Organic Brake Pad

Disc 16 Organic Brake Pad

Disc 15 Organic Brake Pad

Disc 28 RS Brake Pad


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