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About eecycleworks


  eecycleworks has come to be synonymous with innovation, ingenuity and relentless engineering. Belief in eecycleworks' unique design approach and uncompromising commitment to meticulous execution has resultred in products which have surpassed previous industry bests and whose beauty is truly in their function. 

eecycleworks has formed a long term partnership with Cane Creek Cycling Components of North California to produce, market and distribute eecycleworks products. Through this partnership, eecycleworks has remained intimately involved and works closely with the Cane Creek team developing new innovations. eecycleworks manufcturing and design focus paired with an attention to detail and passion to buil the best, meshes perfectly with the acumen of Cane Creek. 

Cyle Life (M) Sdn Bhd is the authorised distributor for eecycleworks products in Malaysia. When buying your eeBrake, look for our hologram sticker to avoid counterfeit products. 

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