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Superleggera RS


Superleggero RS 1: STEM
The lightest production stem in aluminum 7050, now available in the RS limited edition featuring a unique finish combined with Duracer surface treatment technology. With its unique characteristics, Duracer ofers the highest levels of corrosion and wear protection for light aluminum series. Duracer is a Ceramic surface treatment technology, which provides exterme hardness and improves the fatigue performance. This allows to remove material in specific zones and to save additional weight. Special titanium screws and a redesigned faceplate bring the weight to the limit of 100g.

Superleggera RS 2: HANDLEBAR
Lightest at the helm. The famous Superleggera handlebar in the new exclusive RS limited Edition. Made of the revolutionary HR40 carbon fiber and special resin tat allows to produce a very compact composite, shaving off every excess gram of weight. The combination with new Superleggero RS Stem results in an unbeatable weight.

Superleggera RS 3: SEATPOST 
176g ultralight seatpost designed and developed without compromises in terms of reliabilityand strength. The 1-bolt clamp system allows an easy and fast assembly. A fine adjustment of the saddle inclination is possible through the adjusting screw on the seatpost head.

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Superleggero RS Seatpost

Superleggera RS Handlebar

Superleggero RS Stem


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