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About Chris King

  Chris King Precision Components is a performance bicycle component manufacturer based in Portland, OR. Since 1976 Chris King has been domestically producing bicycle parts of the highest quality. The company has a disciplined approach to manufacturing which includes rigorous quality control and highly developed production protocols that inform each component that leaves our facility.

Chris King understand that to maintain the level of quality they require each and every aspect of their products has to be held to the highest standard. Chris King choose to source their raw materials from domestic mills because of the consistent quality and integrity of production that they offer which cannot be found anywhere else.

Throughout the production history they have made the choice to enact environmentally sound manufacturing practices and have worked to apply eco friendly principals to every part of their business. Consumers recognize Chris King's dedication to the value of quality and have seen the consistent growth in demand for Chris King's products in both domestic and international markets.

Chris King believes in parts that last, building investment grade hubs, headsets and bottom brackets that start with their legendary bearings. Fully serviceable and without compromise, Chris King bearings get even faster with age. When other bearings wear out Chris King bearings wear in.

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