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About PowerCordz

POWER CORDZ™ Cable Systems are the WORLD'S LIGHTEST & highest performing option for elite cyclists. Power Cordz synthetic fiber control cables reduce weight by over 75% (that's roughly 20-25gr), eliminate rust, and resist stretch. Install them once, no need to touch them again. Power Cordz products are sold and distributed worldwide. We offer derailleur and brake bike cable systems for road bikes, mountain bikes, and time trial bikes. We invite you to come and Feel the Difference.

iO DuPont is imagining the future of the bicycle.
From our workshop in Boise, Idaho, Io DuPont harnesses high-tech materials and innovative technologies to build your next bike. Tony DuPont, our founder and lead engineer, is a consummate problem solver. After years of debate and speculation about synthetic fiber control cables, Tony built a set in his garage in 2004 and Power Cordz were born.
Power Cordz are the lightest and strongest brake and derailleur cables in the cycling world. Our anchors will safely carry more than 600 lbs on a 1.2mm synthetic cord. They are 75% lighter and many times stronger than the steel cables they replace. And they improve performance through lower friction and a higher modulus of elasticity (translation: they don’t stretch out and don’t require readjustment). Power Cordz have been sold internationally since 2005 and are available through distributors that reach every major cycling market in the world.
Now Tony has turned his attention to a completely new bicycle drive train called the Infinity Drive—an infinitely variable bicycle transmission. The first models will appeal to the bike racer or early adopter, looking for that competitive advantage, but we can see our IVTs becoming the new standard transmission system for the modern bicycle all over the world. It has fewer components than a derailleur system, is more intuitive to shift and will be lighter and potentially cheaper than any current options.
At iO, we take our cue from the Wright Brothers, simple bike mechanics credited with inventing manned flight. Bicycle technologies have always spurred innovation in other industries. Join us and imagine the future.

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