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Abuot Zoic

ZOIC means “pertaining to animal life or action” in Greek. ZOIC is clothing for an active life. ZOIC makes casual-fit cycling apparel for mountain bikers, commuters and more.
At ZOIC we are the customers we serve. Led by 2 passionate mountain bikers, we create casual performance clothing for anyone who rides a bike, from entry level mountain bikers to downhill deviants, from back road tourists to urban commuters. At our offices near the beach in sunny San Diego, California, we saddle up every chance we get, sometimes to test the latest pair of shorts, other times just to rekindle that exhilaration we first felt as a child when the training wheels came off.
Almost 20 years ago ZOIC emerged from the mountain biking trails of the Marin Headlands with the founding principle that clothing plays an integral role in connecting you to your active outdoor experience. Since that time ZOIC baggy shorts and relaxed fit jerseys and tees have defined two wheel style on trails and on pavement. We fuse performance fabrics and technical features to produce a complete line of men’s, women’s and kids’ cycling apparel. Customers look to us for innovative features that have become industry standards: removable padded liners, ventilating panels and cell phone/MP3 player pockets.
We push the boundaries of cycling apparel by tapping the pulse of the surf skate and outdoor cultures around us. We seek out the most durable, innovative wovens for our market leading shorts and we source the finest performance wicking knit fabrics for our original jersey designs. We look for the 3F’s, function, fit, and fashion, when sourcing our fabric needs, while also appealing to our needs of performance and comfort. Technical performance for riding is essential; while color, fit, fabric and features enhance your connection. Your experiences define your lifestyle and your clothing expresses that lifestyle. ZOIC is the style of cycling.
ZOIC has always been a grassroots, organic brand, participating in festivals like the Sea Otter Classic, supporting trail building & maintenance, and donating to kids programs and general cycling advocacy programs. We love being outside, living in the moment and connecting with our pursuits; helping others experience this motivates us to design products that perform well. Whether it’s a fresh trail, a first race, a child’s first bike, or your first cup of coffee in the morning, we want to be with you.
Our Core Purpose: Continually create outdoor clothing that embodies the elements of a quality lifestyle: Performance, Fun, Comfort, Simplicity, and Aesthetics
Our Core Values:
Step up - rise to the occasion, as the bar only gets raised
Look ahead - improve, innovate, or invent
Contribute - be co-creators of policies, strategies and culture
Enjoy the process - this is not simply a means to the ends
Take initiative - if it is to be it is up to me
Take time to enjoy outdoor pursuits
Prepare for and react to changing environmental needs, helping to preserve our Planet

Thank you for sharing your ride with us. Ride more, dress well. Eric & Paul

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