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ASPIDE represents the Waved proposal within Collezione range. Its success is mainly down to its combination of lightness and comfort. Performance combined with the pleasure of pedalling. Its waved profile and full length pressure relieving channel make Aspide the perfect saddle both from the aesthetic and technological point of view. It has the virtue of satisfying the most demanding cyclists and it never dissapoints those who test it for the very first time. It is a light and comfortable saddle that ensures remarkable performances.

The design is unique; an essential shape synonym for lightweight and comfort. The ergonomics have been redefined  through a specific study in order to find a perfect balance between support and relief zone. The long central cutout guarantees all-day comfort and support on the whole length of the saddle. This feature improves the blood flow preventing numbness and provides relief from pressure on the perineum.

San Marco Aspide is suggested to those cyclists who have a medium-high sensibility to pressure on the perineum or looking for an "open" saddle. Its a "waved" seat (curved offeering) offering extra support on the back during steep climbs and it is recommended if you tend to sit on the back and pedal from a fixed position.


Superleggera means super-light, and this saddle stands up yo its name A high performance saddle for when saving weight could make the difference between winning and losing. The rail and shell are made in monocoque carbon fibre.

The lightest materials are combined with the most advanced technology for people looking for the best performance.

For your everyday training and competition thsui category combines comfort and technology.

For people looking for a saddle that conveys a feeling of comfort since the very first use. San Marco has increased padding (feature: Power) double than the basic model, which allows to better absorb the impacts.

Supercomfort means an in-depth study with aim the extreme comfort. Every Supercomfort saddle features a substantial level of padding with variable density delivered in order to guarantee the maximum comfort in all pedalling positions. In addition, San Marco introduced a gel layer and an open work processing technique of the cover that enchance comfort.

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Aspide Supercomfort Racing Wide

Aspide Supercomfort Racing Narrow

Aspide Supercomfort Dynamic Wide

Aspide 2 Open Protek

Aspide Racing Narrow

Aspide Racing Narrow

Aspide Carbon FX Narrow

Aspide Carbon FX Wide

Aspide Carbon FX Protek Narrow

Aspide Carbon FX Narrow

Aspide Racing Wide

Aspide Superleggera Wide

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