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About Castelli

  The story of Castelli stretches back more than 134 years, to be a small tailoring shop in Milan founded by Vittore Gianni. The company took a definite turn toward cycling in 1935, when one Armando Castelli became a part of Gianni's staff.

Four years later, Castelli purchased the company from Gianni, and the story kicks into gear. Armando supplied the cycling hero's of Coppi, Bartali, Bobet, Van Looy and Anquetil, and along the way expanded that effort into supplying a handful of professional teams.

It wouldn't be until the birth of Armando's son, Maurizio, that Castelli as we know today would soon take shape. The youngster came up in cycling and it was only logical that he would end up in the business. However, the extent of his passion and desire for innovation would soon cause a parting of ways with his father and the founding of the Castelli brand in 1974. The firsts began to roll out with regularity soon after.

Castelli products have been specially developed to meet the needs of professional athletes at the highest level of the sport, to allow them to perform well in all conditions, from the cold of Belgium in March to the heat of France in July. The company select materials that will maximize your performance but that sometimes require some extra care in washing.

Castelli cannot guarantee that your Castelli products will last forever, but the company encourage you to follow the care instructions to maximize the product’s performance and life span.

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